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World's Best Spas? Hotel Marinedda among top destinations

World's Best Spas? Hotel Marinedda among top destinations

Condé Nast Traveller UK crowns the 5-star hotel among the Best Destination SPAs in the World for a rejuvenating Thalasso holiday in Northern Sardinia

There's a safe address for your next holiday, a destination where well-being rhymes with thalassotherapy, rituals with essences and scents of Sardinia, heated sea water pools, couple massages, and water wellness treatments. A place where the natural beauty of Gallura blends with high-quality hospitality and a top-level wellness experience.

With a score of 93.38, Hotel Marinedda enters the Olympus of the Best Destination SPAs in the world, awarded by the prestigious travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller UK with the Reader’s Choice Awards 2023. One of the most coveted awards in the travel industry, given directly by the magazine's readers, is the result of careful selection by the magazine which for twelve months identified hotels and resorts that have made their travels unforgettable all around the world.

Hotel Marinedda: Wellness Comes from the Sea

Overlooking the Gulf of Asinara, Hotel Marinedda is the perfect destination for moments of relaxation and well-being: La Marinedda beach, nestled among rocks that glow at sunset and the greenery of the Mediterranean scrub, elegant rooms that welcome with warm-coloured local craftsmanship furnishings, restaurants that enhance the typical flavours, activities for the leisure time of the whole family, and a Thalasso & SPA centre for an unforgettable holiday.

The heart of the hotel is the Thalasso & SPA Centre “L’Elicriso”, an oasis of 2500 sqm specializing in thalassotherapy, an ancient practice that uses the beneficial elements of the marine environment to bring well-being to the body and mind. A two, three, or six-day thalassotherapy program improves venous and lymphatic circulation, stimulates proper breathing, eliminates toxins, drains, and acts on muscle capacity, toning the tissues.

Water of excellent quality, thanks to the winds and currents of the Strait of Bonifacio and the Golfo dell'Asinara, is continuously drawn hundreds of meters from the shore to ensure its purity and preserve all its properties. In compliance with international protocols on thalassotherapy, no chemical purifying treatments are used, ensuring the microbiological quality of the marine environment remains unchanged.

Thalasso & SPA Centre L'Elicriso: 2500 sqm of Pure Well-being

The centre boasts spacious relaxation areas, with heated sea water pools at different temperatures and a splendid Jacuzzi, a cardio-fitness gym, Turkish bath, saunas, and 15 cabins for thalassotherapy, wellness, and beauty treatments to regain physical fitness by toning the body, eliminating stress, and recovering all the precious energies.

Making the experience unique is also the Sardinia Signature treatment line with organic products and natural essences derived from the elements offered by Sardinia's nature: myrtle, grapes, sea salt, helichrysum, and eucalyptus are just some of the island's natural resources used in the special range of facial and body wellness treatments at the Marinedda SPA in Isola Rossa. Discover the entire range of à la carte treatments from the Sardinia Signature line and immerse yourself in the pure essence of marine well-being with thalasso programmes.

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