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A romantic weekend in Sardinia

A romantic weekend in Sardinia

One of the most suitable periods of the year to enjoy a romantic weekend in Sardinia is undoubtedly the low season, to be more precise the months just before and after the hot Sardinian summer. In fact, this is the ideal time to experience more peaceful places and venues, when most tourists have already left their usual destination. The place to go in order to get the best from your relaxing, romantic weekend, is the Hotel Maridedda, with its Thalasso & Spa, and an elegant restaurant overlooking the sea.

May and June in Sardinia

Sardinia, in late spring, is widely renown for its mild climate, thanks to the beneficial presence of the Mediterranean sea. Even though maximum temperatures range from  +24/+27°C, it is not summer yet: this is why weather-cast might reveal some unpredictable surprise. Accordingly, the best thing to when planning your holiday is to rely on a structure that offers valid alternatives to the beach.

The Marinedda Hotel, placed in a suggestive location, not only provides an intimate and familiar atmosphere, but also host the prestigious Elicriso SPA, one of the biggest wellness centre of Isola Rossa and the whole North Sardinia. Accordingly, your romantic weekend would benefit from thalassotherapy, relaxing massages and unique, aromatic treatments.

When it comes to North Sardinia, this is one of the most lively areas of Sardinia  even in winter and low seasons. In fact, the yearly calendar includes a wide range of events, festivals and dedicated excursions throughout the whole region, most of those likely to be reached by car or dedicated tours.

Another strong point to chose the Marinedda Hotel is the top-level cuisine provided by its 4 restaurants, whose menus range from traditional Mediterranean recipes to the most renown international dishes, likely to fulfil the needs of every different taste.

September and October in Sardinia

Booking a weekend-holiday in September and October at the romantic Marinedda Hotel means that you will get nearly-deserted beaches, almost no traffic, grape harvest and autumnal festivals... but most of all, you will have the chance of enjoying an exclusive and yet inexpensive stay. In addition, in September Sardinia is still an ideal destination for summer-like vacations, with mild temperature and great sunny days.

Whether you have just met each other or you want to celebrate your anniversary, whether you would like to give your significant other a special birthday present or you just fancy a weekend away from ordinary city-life, a romantic stay in Sardinia is always the sweetest of the ideas.

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