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Sport Fishing and Whale Watching: pure thrills on the Costa Rossa

Sport Fishing and Whale Watching: pure thrills on the Costa Rossa

With its beaches, Northern Sardinia is a haven for relaxation lovers, but not only. For fishing enthusiasts, adventures start early because, as they say, the early bird catches the worm.

Holidaymakers and locals, beginners or experienced fishermen: what matters in a fishing trip is the right company. To spend a day in the spirit of sport, but also to admire the coast from a privileged perspective and, if lucky, to spot specimens of fin whales and dolphins. Beautiful memories that will stay in everyone's mind.

Adventures in contact with nature, along stretches of pristine sea rich in fish in the Gulf of Asinara. Starting from Isola Rossa, a small fishing village in the heart of the Red Coast, named after the small island it overlooks. From the port of the village, the fisherman of Poseidon Fishing set off: prestigious boats, the best equipment and the assistance of an experienced and professional crew to handle every type of catch.

Among the techniques that offer the greatest thrills is offshore trolling, to be carried out in the deeper waters between the Gulf of Asinara and the Strait of Bonifacio, in search of trophy prey: tunas, longfin tunas, spearfish, and dolphin fish. More refined is the coastal trolling, which can offer great satisfaction with catches like amberjacks, snappers, barracudas, little tunny, and tunas. The currents between Northern Sardinia and the Strait of Bonifacio provide the perfect setting for practicing vertical jigging, a technique reserved for true sports enthusiasts, and day and night drifting for catching giant tunas, swordfish, and large amberjacks.

The secret lies in the waiting, often made more enjoyable with a good glass of Vermentino di Gallura and some bolentino fishing. This technique is most suitable for beginners and those who love spending time on a boat or enjoying the sea. Even more so if the waters are those of the La Maddalena Archipelago and the magnificent coast of the Gulf of Asinara, rich in pandoras, forkbeards, sea breams, groupers, and giltheads. More discreet seabeds, but populated with groupers, common seabreams, John Dory, and smooth-hounds are found off the coast between Sardinia and Corsica, a sanctuary for lovers of deep-sea bolentino fishing.

And if you happen to not catch anything big, the satisfaction will come from some spectacular sightings. Although many are unaware, off the coast of Gallura, you can admire fin whales, sea turtles, tunas, and dolphins. All this is thanks to a fleet of boats that do not compromise on safety, space, practicality, and comfort. The pride of the fleet is the RIVIERA 4000 off-shore, a spacious and safe 14-meter vessel with a sporty and elegant design. Its great stability and the very large cockpit equipped with a fighting chair make it suitable for any type of deep-sea fishing.

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