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Top 5 best beaches in northern Sardinia. What you cannot miss during your Sardinia sea holiday!

Top 5 best beaches in northern Sardinia. What you cannot miss during your Sardinia sea holiday!

Astonishing beaches, inlets with dunes of white sand and a crystal sea are all part of Sardinia's alluring charm.The transparency of its water reminds of a tropical sea, but the surrounding vegetation is unmistakably Mediterranean. Sardinia boasts indeed 1840 Km of coastline and vaunts the biggest coastal development among the Italian regions. In addition to a very clear sea, Sardinia offers different beaches for every taste: large sandy beaches, small secluded ones, hidden coves...

For many people who come in the summer to Sardinia, beaches are obviously their top priority. Happily, the beaches in Sardinia are both plentiful and varied so - to help you find your favourite - here's a list of some of the best beaches in Northern Sardinia (easily reachable from Marinedda Hotel Thalasso& Spa!

Marinedda Beach - Isola Rossa
Let’s start from Marinedda Beach placed in front of the Hotel and just 1 km from the city centre of Isola Rossa. It is on the same stretch of coastline heading towards Isola Rossa and is enclosed on the west by large red granite cliffs Punta Canneddi. The sand is soft, clean and white, and the Sardinia sea is crystal and warm. The landscape is characterized by both the vivid greens of the juniper trees and the imposing red granite which make“La Marinedda” a spectacular beach to visit.
Marineddais a free quiet beach ideal for romantic promenade, families with young children and every August hosts the “Frozen Open Surf Contest” attracting surfers and spectators from around the globe.

La Pelosa Beach - Stintino
Often busy during the long Sardinia summer, La Pelosa Beach is considered one of the best not only of the north, but the all Sardinia. It is located 2 km from Stintino, at the foot of Cape Falcone and just across from of the wild Asinara island in the northern extremity of the island. It is worth a visit for its silky and extraordinarily fine sand, for the transparent and turquoise sea and, last of all for its panorama.
An imposing seventeenth-century tower guards the shore while, just in front of La Pelosa Beach rises the protected park of the Asinara island.

Li Cossi Beach - Costa Paradiso
Lapped by a crystal-clear sea and surrounded by rocks and bluffs of pink trachyte, Li Cossi beach is placed in a wind-sheltered cove. It takes its name from the nearby homonym little river and even if itnot present a white sand beach, Li Cossi is stunning and perfect for diving since the crystal waters allow you to see the depths perfectly. It is also suitable for children thanks to the shallow waters and gentle sea and presents many services and facilities: car park, cafe and restaurants, beach umbrellas, sun-loungers and pedal boats rental.

Rena di Ponente e Rena di Levante - Capo Testa
Capo Testa is a small peninsula 5 km away from Santa Teresa Gallura. It is connected to the mainland by a sandy strip where you can find these two long beaches, one opposite to the other. Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante beaches presents a long band of sand and a cobalt, clear sea which earned the Blue Flag in 2012. The coast is protected by rocky coves and wild Mediterranean scrub so the beach lovers can enjoy every day a quiet sea whatever is the wind-force.
Both Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante beaches are suitable for children, for diving and snorkeling.

Valle dell’Erica - Santa Teresa Gallura
A beautiful wide public beach, located about 15 km away from Santa Teresa Gallura and a few steps from the Delphina Hotel Valle dell’Erica. Valle dell’Erica beach is a charming and picturesque place, where you can enjoy a panoramic view on Spargi island and Punta Sardegna and with La Maddalena archipelago in the background.
It presents huge cliffs alternating with golden medium grain sand and a clear, crystal sea with a high seabed,very appreciated by lovers of diving.

Enjoy the crystal Sardinia Sea and discover a new beach every day!
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