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The best things to do in and around La Marinedda

The best things to do in and around La Marinedda

Surfing or day trips to the centre of Gallura. Between a swim and a relaxing massage, here are some suggestions for trips in the North of Sardinia.

If you are planning a relaxing holiday to be spent in peace and quiet, the Baia di La Marinedda is the perfect place: a beautiful bay with a white sandy beach, a crystal-clear sea that reflects the luxuriant vegetation all around and the little village of Isola Rossa just a kilometre away.

But would you like to get to know the most beautiful parts of the North of Sardinia a little better or do a little shopping in Gallura? Here we give you a quick guide of things to see and do in and around La Marinedda, near the fishing village of Isola Rossa.

Shopping in the delightful small town of Tempio Pausania

Leaving La Marinedda, 30 minutes by car will bring you to Tempio Pausania, the heart of Gallura. The first stop on your day out as an alternative to the North Sardinia sea is this little town at the foot of Monte Limbara. It has a historic centre of grey stone buildings that are separated by narrow alleys and charming little streets. Leaving the Cathedral of San Pietro you go along Via Roma and Corso Matteotti, the main streets lined with shops, boutiques and cafés - the ideal place for breakfast and a little shopping on your holidays in Gallura.

The patriarchs of Gallura: the millenary olive trees of Luras

As you continue, 10 minutes from the Gallura capital brings you to Luras and Calangianus. Here you can see some of the natural beauty of Gallura and particular cultural features of the local community. At Luras, an ancient and untouched corner of nature, you will be astounded by the Olivastri Millenari. Included in the list of “Twenty centuries-old Italian trees”, they are among the oldest trees in Europe. The "youngest" seems to be about 2,000 years old while the largest in size and age called S'Ozzastru, is 4,000 years old, 14 metres high and with a circumference of 12 metres. They are natural monuments that carry all the marks of time as if they were wrinkles on the face of an elderly grandfather. Young guides will accompany you on this naturalistic excursion in the heart of Gallura. This is truly an experience combining wonder and respectful admiration in a place of peace and silence, where time passes slowly and brings all the thousands of years of Sardinian history with it.

Natural resources: the Cork Museum at Calangianus

moving on just a few kilometres we come to the heart of the little town of Calangianus. Near the main square, the centre of the community with its cafés and facilities is the ex-Capuchin convent that is now home to the Museo del Sughero or Cork Museum. The cork oak or holm oak, a plant that grows abundantly in the Mediterranean vegetation, is essential for the local economy in Gallura but especially for this village. Inside the museum you will find several exhibition rooms where there is a fascinating demonstration of t he methods used for extracting, processing and using the cork: most significant of all is the use of cork to seal bottles of vintage wines from Gallura.

Surf and sport at Marinedda

If instead you want to dedicate yourself to sport and try your hand at beach activities, the quiet bay of La Marinedda during days when the wind is either the Ponente from the West, or the Mistral from the North-West, offers perfect spots for surfing in the North Sardinia sea. Qualified instructors are there to give surfing lessons even to children who want to enjoy their first experience in the Sardinian waves, and if you are on holiday in La Marinedda during the month of August, do not miss the Frozen Open Contest. Every year international athletes put on a unique show amidst waves, music and a beach crowded with spectators.

Beach activities at La Marinedda or tours of granite villages in Gallura will all go to make your holiday in Sardinia even more special!

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