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Costa Rossa and Badesi: A journey through land, sea, and taste

Costa Rossa and Badesi: A journey through land, sea, and taste

10 routes, 10 ideas for your family holiday. Explore scenic trails, white beaches, charming villages, and the delights of traditional gastronomy

Among the wonders of Northern Sardinia, there's a place where time seems to stand still and nature reveals its full splendour. In the picturesque Costa Rossa and among the dunes of Badesi, where the sea meets the hills, a dreamlike landscape unfolds with breathtaking views, enchanting beaches, and fascinating hills. In this dance between waves and paths surrounded by lush Mediterranean scrub, a treasure of emotions and romance is hidden. From this charming and picturesque stretch of coast, one can embark on fascinating journeys to destinations that perfectly combine the sea, history, and nature.

Panoramic walks

For trekking enthusiasts, the north coast of Sardinia offers a wide choice of scenic routes that will lead you through breathtaking landscapes. Here are some trails we suggest:

From Isola Rossa to Li Feruli Beach

This route begins from the picturesque fishing village of Isola Rossa and takes you along the coast to Li Feruli Beach, which borders the municipality of Badesi. Admire the red cliffs overlooking the crystal-clear sea through the coves of Li Bicchi Russi cliff, La Spiaggi di Li Puzzi, L’Oltu di Li Canni, and then enjoy a relaxing break on Li Feruli Beach.

Punta Li Canneddi trail

Starting from La Marinedda beach, you can follow this trail leading to Punta Li Canneddi, so named for its multitude of shapes and sculptures of pink granite that, with their slender form, resemble reeds. Along the path, you can admire the stunning view of the coast, with its red rocks and turquoise waters. Once you reach the point, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of Cala Canneddi bay.

The Hermit's path

This route will take you to discover the most characteristic beaches of the northwest coast of the island, among fascinating rock formations and hidden coves. Among the most loved trails, the Hermit's path stands out, a long two-hour walk that begins from the beautiful beach of Li Cossi and then arrives at Tinnari. Tinnari beach is characterized by a double arch shape that joins in the center thanks to a group of rocks and overlooks a sea with incredible colors.

The Costa Rossa, between green and blue

In addition to panoramic walks, for those who prefer adventure, it is possible to go on quad or bicycle excursions through the surrounding hills and trails, immersing oneself in the beauty of nature. A journey between nature and relaxation: In the municipality of Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, between Isola Rossa and Badesi, lie some of the most fascinating and suggestive beaches in the area. Isola Rossa, located along the Costa Rossa, is a renowned seaside resort that enchants visitors. This coastal stretch of Gallura, which extends between Santa Teresa and Badesi, offers breathtaking landscapes and a charming atmosphere. Here are some of the best beaches you can visit along this stretch of coast:

Li Feruli Beach

Located near Isola Rossa, this beach offers a tranquil environment and an untouched natural landscape. Surrounded by sandy dunes and Mediterranean scrub, it's a true paradise for nature lovers and those seeking breathtaking views.

La Marinedda Beach

This picturesque beach is situated between Isola Rossa and Badesi, characterized by a long stretch of white sand and turquoise waters. Its natural beauty and the tranquility that surrounds it make it an ideal destination for a relaxing day. Along this beautiful beach is the Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & SPA, offering a variety of services and comforts. With its privileged position in front of the beach, it allows guests to fully enjoy the crescent of white sand and the turquoise sea.

Badesi Beach

With its approximately 8 kilometers of golden sand, Badesi beach is one of the longest in the area. The expansive shoreline provides enough space to find a quiet spot even during the busiest periods. The clear waters and the panoramic view of the Gulf of Asinara make it a must-visit destination.

Li Junchi Beach

Located between Badesi and Valledoria, it is the main beach of Badesi, stretching a good 8 km along the Resort & SPA Le Dune. This beach is characterized by sandy dunes and a vast expanse of fine sand. It is surrounded by rich vegetation and offers a breathtaking natural scenery.

Baia delle Mimose Beach

Another stunning beach between Badesi and Valledoria, famous for its dunes and clear, fine sand. This beach is a true paradise for nature lovers, offering not only the opportunity to practice water sports like surfing and windsurfing, but also to enjoy long romantic walks along the shore.

Cultural exploration:

During your walks, don't miss the opportunity to visit some places of interest along the way.

At Isola Rossa, you can admire the Aragonese Tower, an imposing structure that stands majestically on the coast, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the coast. Admire the sea stretching out endlessly and let yourself be captivated by the history and charm of this place.

Also make a stop in the historic center of Badesi and let yourself be captured by its picturesque streets and characteristic stone buildings. You absolutely must not miss a visit to the Church of San Giovanni Battista, a true architectural gem that tells the story of this place. Relax in one of the cozy squares, perhaps sipping a coffee, and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of this ancient village.

These are the places that encapsulate the beauty and history of this land, offering the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a unique experience. Walking among these treasures, you can feel the soul of the place speaking to you, revealing its stories and hidden wonders.

Taste and Tradition

Sardinia is renowned for its natural beauty and spectacular beaches. But the island is not just a paradise for the eyes, it is also a land rich in culinary traditions and a deep love for good wine. Along this stretch of coast, you will find a variety of restaurants and trattorias offering specialties made with fresh fish and local products, guaranteeing an unforgettable culinary experience.

Per gli appassionati del vino, consigliamo di visitare Badesi, nota anche come la Città del Vino, rinomata per la sua eccellenza vinicola. Non perdete l'occasione di deliziare il vostro palato con una degustazione presso le rinomate cantine della zona, come la Cantina Li Seddi e la Cantina Li Duni.

Tra passeggiate panoramiche, relax sulle spiagge ed esplorazioni culturali, questo tratto di costa sarda offre un'esperienza unica, che si lascia apprezzare con ogni senso. Una combinazione perfetta di romanticismo, raffinatezza e autenticità che vi lascerà incantati e desiderosi di ritornare.

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