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A postcard from Isola Rossa - All the nuances of your holiday in Sardinia

A postcard from Isola Rossa - All the nuances of your holiday in Sardinia

Top 5 Things to do in Isola Rossa, Sardinia

It is the red and all its shades, the predominant color of each postcard that will send from Isola Rossa, a charming and colorful seaside resort in northern Sardinia. It also features the blue nuances of its turquoise and transparent sea, the white color of its sandy beaches, the typical green ofthe Mediterranean scrub and the rainbow of the typical dishes of Gallura.

From adventure to romanticism, from the archaeological sites to the most beautiful beaches of Costa Paradiso, from the gourmet restaurant that revisits the Sardinian cuisine to the cooking show that let you discover how to prepare ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation. In Sardinia, everything  is an explosion of colors, scents and memories... Here you are the 5 things you should not miss during your stay in Isola Rossa.

1. A romantic promenade through the village

Isola Rossa, born as a fishermen’s hamlet, has preserved the simple beauty of ancient time despite its tourism development. During the summer, the center of the village, where you can find little craftsmanship and souvenirshops, becomes a pedestrian-only promenade.

2. Three beaches in one day - Cala Rossa, Tinnari and Li Cossi

The North Sardinia boasts beautiful beaches, first of all La Marinedda located just 1 km from IsolaRossa and 500 m from the Hotel. From Marinedda Hotel, proceed to the north until you reach the beautiful beaches of Cala Rossa, Tinnari and Li Cossi. Being located a few kilometers from one another,  you can visit all of them in one day.

3. Go for a Sea Safari

The modern marina of Isola Rossa is the starting point for sea excursions along the Costa.If you are a sea lover, do not miss the Sea Safari organized by Delphina: a comfortable speed boat will take you along the stunning stretch of coast till Santa Teresa Gallura.

4. The typical food and wine of Gallura

From north to south, any holiday in Sardinia should be based on enjoyment of its strong culinary tradition. Savor dishes and excellent wines offer a tasty point of view of the local culture and the love that Sardinians have for their island. Among the dishes you should taste the “Gallurese” soup and sausage, the seadas dessert (called "Casciulate" in Gallura) and the Vermentino di Gallura wine.

5. Stay with bated breath during the Frozen Open Surf Contest

Among the most important international sport events, the Frozen Open Surf Contest is the first of the list. It is the most spectacular and oldest surf contest of Italy. It takes place in the beach Marinedda in August. The exact day of the event mostly depends on winds and will be decided just 20/15 days before.

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